If the download links on this page are missing, please download the SDK from https://www.renpy.org/dl/5.6.3/. Or click here to download the latest version of Ren'Py.

Ren'Py 5.6.3 "Demo Party"

Ren'Py 5.6.3 "Demo Party" was released on November 11, 2006. The main distributions are:

Each of these files contains the full Ren'Py development environment, which is enough to allow you to develop Ren'Py games on Windows 98+, Mac OS X 10.3+, and Linux x86. The development environment contains the files needed to produce games for all three platforms. It also includes a text editor and sample games.

For your convenience, we've posted the Release Announcement and Changelog. We've also made available the following programs, which can be used to run Windows-only Ren'Py games on non-Windows platforms:

Known Issues

Creating new projects is broken on Linux, due to a missing ascii codec. To work around this, make a new game by copying the template game and editing launcherinfo.py by hand.

Midi playing won't work on Intel versions of Mac OS X. Ren'Py will lock up when attempting to play a midi. We strongly recommend not using midi music with Ren'Py. This affects the current version of the demo. When using the demo on OS X, it's important to drop the volume to 0 before starting the game.

Release Announcement

I'm pleased to announce the release of Ren'Py 5.6.3 "Demo Party". This release includes a new demo-game, intended to be somewhat more educational then the old one. It also includes new features, experience improvements, and bug fixes.

Downloads and a full release announcement can be found at:


To migrate your game from Ren'Py 5.6.2, copy the directory containing your game into the directory containing Ren'Py. Please see the 5.6.2 release notes for information about migrating from older releases.

The documentation of Ren'Py is in the process of being migrated to the new wiki. For updated documentation, please visit http://www.renpy.org/wiki/renpy/doc/reference/Reference%20Manual . For legacy documentation, please read http://www.renpy.org/dl/5.6.1/reference.html

CHANGELOG for Ren'Py 5.6.3

The demo has been rewritten from scratch, to better reflect the modern way of coding Ren'Py.

The extras/ directory has been eliminated. Voice.rpy is now included in common/ as part of the standard Ren'Py library. Kana Mode has been renamed to NVL Mode, and is now included in the commmon/ directory. All of the other extras are now part of the cookbook section of the web site.

We've unifed config. and library. variables. They are now all config variables, with library being an alias to config.

, , and are now documented as displayables.

Now, aborting a transition will abort all successive transitions until the next non-transition interaction.

Rollback and Rollforward have been extended to support remembering what the user did the first time he encountered an interaction. This required changing and , and adding . The say, menu, pause, input, and imagemap interactions all support this memory. Most notably, this means one can roll forward at a menu, and automatically make the same choice as when the menu was previously encountered.

has been changed, to take a function as an argument. This function returns a displayable and a time in seconds for which the displayable is valid. (The old behavior is retained when a string is passed in.)

now takes a fast argument, which if true causes the particles to start all at once all over the screen, rather then at the top or the bottom only.

objects may be copied using the method. This method takes the same arguments as Character, with the values supplied to the method taking precedence over those in the Character object.

now takes a callback parameter, specifying a function that will be called at various points during dialogue.

Ren'Py now attempts to automatically determine if the RLE optimization will be profitable, and will automatically use the RLE optimization if it deems it worthwhile.

Ren'Py now considers config.has_sound, config.has_music, and config.has_voice when assigning mixer names to channels. If all of these are set False, sound will be disabled. If only some are set, only those mixers will control system volume.

Loaded python files are assumed to be UTF-8. This includes the launcherinfo.py files loaded by the launcher. (Thanks to denzil for reporting this one.)

The voice.rpy extra now plays the sample sound on the voice channel. (Thanks to NetGenSuperstar for reporting this, and for supplying the fix.)