Screenshot of Ren'Py 6.15

Ren'Py 6.15 "Foreign Policy"

was released on March 3, 2013. It was updated to 6.15.7 on June 26, 2013. The main downloads of Ren'Py 6.15 are:

You only need to download one of these files. Each contains the full Ren'Py software development kit, with everything needed to develop Ren'Py games for the Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms; the Ren'Py tutorial; and "The Question", an example game.

Android. To package a Ren'Py game for Android, please use RAPT - the Ren'Py Android Packaging Tool. RAPT can be downloaded here, and is documented in the Ren'Py Documentation.

Ren'Py is free to download and use for commercial and non-commercial purposes. It may be modified and distributed under the terms of its license.

Additional Downloads. When first used, Ren'Py will prompt you to download a text editor. An Internet connection is required for this download.

Release History and Updates June 26, 2013

Fix a regression in ImageDissolve. June 25, 2013

This release includes improvements for the Android platform:

  • Assets are now read exclusively from the APK and expansion file.
  • Logs and tracebacks are placed on external storage.
  • Saves are placed on external storage, except when saves from older versions of Ren'Py exist.

The GL2 shaders Ren'Py uses have been simplified in the (usual) case where no clipping is occurring. This leads to a noticeable speed improvement on Android, and potentially other platforms as well.

An issue with Drag-and-drop has been fixed. Thanks go to Kinsman for contributing this fix.

The Skip action now triggers the skip indicator. It also supports a new fast parameter, which causes skipping to the next menu.

This release includes various minor changes to improve compatibility with very old Ren'Py games. (It now runs the Ren'Py 5 demo.) June 6, 2013

New features:

  • Additive blending, but only in the GL and DirectX/ANGLE renderers.
  • The new Flatten displayable, which combines multiple textures into one.

Bug/Build fixes:

  • Before this release, Ren'Py produced zip files with unix modes that were writable by all users. If unzipped by a program that ignored the umask (like info-zip), the files could be overwritten by other users, causing a security problem.

    This problem only existed on unix-like systems that are shared by multiple users.

  • Ren'Py once again uses freetype auto-hinting when displaying fonts.

  • Ren'Py builds with the current libav (and ffmpeg). April 6, 2013

Bug fixes and improvements, including:

  • The 64-bit Linux version of Ren'Py is linked against the correct libraries. Versions 6.14.x and 6.15.0-3 were linked against incorrect Python libraries.
  • In the common case, the python interpreter is no longer locked while images are preloading. This helps prevent image preloading from causing framerate problems.
  • The new build.exclude_empty_directories variable determines if empty directories are included in archive files. Previously, this was undefined, and varied from platform to platform. March 30, 2013

Many bug fixes and improvements:

  • Image prediction has been broken up, such that a small amount of image prediction will run each frame. This prevent looping ATL animations from blocking image prediction.
  • When playing a fullscreen video, the screen will not be updated before the first frame is ready. This makes it possible to smoothly transition into a movie without displaying a black screen.
  • Fix problems with text input display on fonts that do not contain a zero-width space glyph.
  • Rare segfaults relating to font unloading have been fixed.
  • Fixed a memory leaks related to the rollback log and text layout cache.
  • Script parsing will fail with an error if a logical line exceeds 64 KB.
  • Quicksave will not fail of if the current file page is the auto-save page.
  • When a viewport changes size before being shown to the user, the offsets are re-applied to the viewport
  • SpriteManager now respects sprite zorder. March 5, 2013

This release fixes an issue with selecting the project directory on the mac. It also adds the ability to loop a single track in the music room. March 5, 2013

This release fixes the packaging of the editra text editor.


I'm pleased to announce Ren'Py 6.15 "Foreign Policy", the result of about six months of Ren'Py development. The main focus of this release was on internationalization, the creation of a comprehensive translation system, and better support for displaying Japanese text. Other new features include:

  • An interactive console that allows you to type Ren'Py and python commands, that can be accessed by typing shift+O.
  • Screens now take positional and named parameters.
  • Support for creating a replay gallery.
  • Voice improvements, including the ability to mute particular voices.
  • Support for skinning the launcher.

Ren'Py now includes a Japanese translation of the tutorial game, which can be accessed from the preferences menu. For a full list of features and bug fixes, please see the changelog.

Ren'Py 6.15 has increased the minimum requirements to run on the Macintosh platform. It now requires a 64-bit Intel Macintosh running OS X 10.6 or later.

Once again, this release has seen many contributions from the community. We thank:

  • Koichi Akabe for much of the new Japanese support and the Japanese translation of the tutorial game.
  • Shiz, C, and Delta for the interactive Console.
  • Ren for advice on how the translation system should work.

And, of course, everyone who contributed ideas, bug reports, and feedback to Ren'Py development.

Downloads of Ren'Py 6.15 can be found at:

A full list of changes to Ren'Py can be found at:

A list of changes that may require you to update your game can be found at:

Please also check out the credits and list of sponsors.

Editor Downloads

When first asked to edit a file, the Ren'Py launcher will prompt you to download and install an editor. As this may fail if your Internet connection is unreliable, the editors can be downloaded separately. To install, extract the contents of the editor archive to the Ren'Py directory.

Editra (Windows):
Editra (Mac):
Editra (Linux): renpy-6.15.7-editra-linux.tar.bz2

Additional Downloads

Ren'Py Source Code: renpy-6.15.7-source.tar.bz2
Contains the source code of the Ren'Py distribution without any binary components.
Other Dependencies: renpy-deps-6.15.5.tar.bz2
Contains source code for the libraries that Ren'Py depends on.

We also maintain a complete list of releases.