Ren'Py 6.12.0 "Positronic Brain"

was released on February 7, 2011. The main downloads of Ren'Py 6.12.0 are:

You only need to download one of these files. Each contains the full Ren'Py software development kit, with everything needed to develop Ren'Py games for the Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms; the Ren'Py tutorial; and "The Question", an example game.

Android. To package a Ren'Py game for Android, please use RAPT - the Ren'Py Android Packaging Tool. RAPT can be downloaded here, and is documented in the Ren'Py Documentation.

Ren'Py is free to download and use for commercial and non-commercial purposes. It may be modified and distributed under the terms of its license.

Java Requirement. Java is required to run the jEdit text editor. If it's not installed on your computer, you'll need to download it from Java is not required to run Ren'Py, only to develop with it.

Release History and Updates

Final release (6.12.0e). Improves the default screen and fixes bugs.
Fourth pre-release (6.12.0d). Adds main menu prediction, fixes screen bugs, improves the default screens, and fixes documentation.
Third pre-release (6.12.0c). Updates are documented here.

Second pre-release (6.12.0b). Fixes the following bugs:

  • Ren'Py did not work for non-ASCII languages.
  • libGLEW was not distributed on Linux.
  • Could not load savegames that had Renders leak to them.
  • Frames had visual artifacts on the software renderer.
Initial pre-release (6.12.0a).


Ren'Py 6.12.0 "Positronic Brain" is a major release of Ren'Py. This release adds suport for the Android platform, allowing Ren'Py games to run on millions of smartphones and tablets. It's possible to package Ren'Py games and distribute them through the Android market.

On all platforms, this release benefits from improved performance in the areas of image prediction and OpenGL rendering. New functionality includes sprites, mouse hover areas, and drag-and-drop. The screen support added in 6.11 has been improved, and new games now use screens by default.

Downloads of Ren'Py 6.12.0 can be found at:

A full list of changes to Ren'Py can be found at:

A list of changes that may require you to update your game can be found at:

Please also check out the credits and list of sponsors.

Additional Downloads

Ren'Py Source Code: renpy-6.12.0-source.tar.bz2
Contains the source code of the Ren'Py distribution without any binary components.
Other Dependencies: renpy-deps-6.11.0.tar.bz2
Contains source code for the libraries that Ren'Py depends on.

We also maintain a complete list of releases.